A wall built from pavement bricks becomes a place to remember those who died on the square.

In the summer of 2014 I traveled to Ukraine to investigate through photography and video, the revolution that had recently dissipated in the capitol Kiev, and to see the fall out of internally displaced people from the increasingly violet war in the east. This independent investigation was self published on ActLocalThinkGlobal.net

"Every house should have one of these" - A commandeered police shield is painted with the nationalist "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" flag. Maidan battalion members march towards a meeting in the square.

The Maidan is the main square of the capitol that gave its name to the "EuroMaidan" revolution. Along with journalist Marta Garcia Aliaga, we spoke to Ukrainians occupying the square.
One of these groups, the Ukrainian Cossacks, used there urban camp as a symbolic base of operations for the current war in the east of the country.

As well as photo essays and mini documentary, i used social media to publish bite sized video and report on the activities live from the ground


Cossack showing us his skills with the

Some residents of the square had turned this deadly battle field into a makeshift museum to show the increasing number of tourists a glimpse of the brutality that had ranged just a few months before.

Marta demonstrating the home made #molotov cocktail launcher from the #kiev #protests in #Ukraine early this year. See ActLocalThinkGlobal.net for more videos

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During my time in Kiev, it was clear that the euphoria of a successful popular revolution was dissipating. The square, though still jovial, had many masked men sitting in corners, to many army fatigues worn by militiamen. EuroMaidan was over, and although the increasing violence in the east was many miles away, what happens in the rest of the country is reflected in the capitol.

Maidan Battalion members march towards a meeting in the square. They wear a rag tag assortment of uniforms and like a military unit, are ever ready for combat with shields, helmets and a range of home made weapons.
Wooden twigs wrapped in cloth protrude from the necks of glass bottles half full of flammable petrol. A wooden box of ready to use molotov cocktails sits among other items from the revolution.

Paramilatary guy walking around Maidan square, kiev with a very happy looking rat sitting on his shoulder #kiev #ukraine

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Members of the Donbas Battalion spread out children's paintings on the floor.
Army style tents are firmly erected in rows down the main road leading to Maidan Square. Large metal pegs drilled and hammered into the tarmac hold thick guy-ropes tight.

We soon traveled by bus down to the southern city of Odessa. This beautiful port city was largely empty of the usual foreign tourists. A holiday resort just outside the city is being used to house persons with disabilities, fleeing there homes in war torn Donbas, in the east of the country.

Together with her 10 year old son, she is hopeful for a better future away from conflict, but fears for tomorrow when charity donations keeping her sheltered may dry up.
Helen Molodanova at a centre for disabled persons escaping the war in east Ukraine

OSCE, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has stationed observers around the country to report to central European and United Nations organizations, on the situation on the ground.

More to come soon ....