A wall built from pavement bricks becomes a place to remember those who died on the square.
Army style tents are firmly erected in rows down the main road leading to Maidan Square. Large metal pegs drilled and hammered into the tarmac hold thick guy-ropes tight.
"Every house should have one of these" - A commandeered police shield is painted with the nationalist "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" flag. Maidan battalion members march towards a meeting in the square.
Maidan Battalion members march towards a meeting in the square. They wear a rag tag assortment of uniforms and like a military unit, are ever ready for combat with shields, helmets and a range of home made weapons.
A home made pressurized gas powered mortar. On display in Maidan Square in a small informal exhibition of items from the revolution.
A white rat crawls around the neck of an activist in military garb whilst watching a discussion in the middle of Maidan Square.
Riot shields used by protesters lay dormant upon a barricade.
Wooden twigs wrapped in cloth protrude from the necks of glass bottles half full of flammable petrol. A wooden box of ready to use molotov cocktails sits among other items from the revolution.
In the middle of Maidan Square, the self proclaimed battalions stand to attention.
'thank you very much for support" Collection boxes around the square call for donations to the Ukrainian army.
Tourists taking pictures with a captured police truck, now forming part of a barricade.
A member of the Donbas Battalion slips a mobile phone up his balaclava.
Inside a tent, an exhibition shows the range of ammunition, bullets and projectiles used in the clashes of early 2014.
An activist donning military garb and the nationalist flag of Ukrainian Insurgent Army embraces a women in the middle of Maiden Square.
Flowers, prayer beads and ribbons are used in remembrance of one of those who died in early 2014 on Maidan Square. His weapon and helmet, a construction hat and baseball bat adorn the memorial.